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Faculty Resources

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Faculty Resources
We request faculty to consider including some suggested language about WIC in course syllabi. Students receive assistance services here with research, writing, planning, speaking and technology. WIC staff also provide training and support for courses. In addition to group study study spaces for general use, WIC has spaces for faculty reservation including the WIC Seminar Room and two alcoves.

Exploring Tech Tools
Nurturing Student Creativity Through Video Projects
  • Reflections on uses : CTL Teaching with Technology Discussion with Paul Heiney and Melissa Wilde.
  • Large lecture classes : Alain Plante discusses how to engage students with course material and with small-group problem-solving.
Online Activities : CTL Teaching with Technology Discussion with Linda Chance and Elaine Simon
PowerPoint in the Classroom : CTL Teaching with Technology Discussion with Michael Kaplan and Jeremy McInerney
Wikis : Linda Chance discusses how to inspire and maintain student engagement.
Poster Design : Ann Greene discusses poster design assignments to explore visual literacy.
Online Mapping : Amy Hillier discusses online mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to develop teaching and research materials.
Online Data Tools : Paul Rozin discusses tools such as Survey Monkey to analyze real-life and class data.
Statistical Software : Herb Smith discusses statistical software such as STATA for data analysis and critical thinking skills.
Faculty Advisory Group
The Weigle Information Commons Faculty Advisory Group meets once a semester and provides guidance on the content and structure of WIC activities. Interested faculty can email the Advisory Group.
Idea Starters and Support Resources
Relevant Resources at Penn