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2013 Mashup Contest Online Voting

Please use our new website for current information.
Our annual Mashup Contest celebrates student creativity with video and multimedia. This year, we received 12 student-created mashups, listed below in alphabetical order. View the winners and the contest details. Online voting provides data for the popular choice award. A panel of faculty and student judges selects mashups for first, second and third place awards. Online voting provided 233 votes and many comments .

A Place Project: Vitale Digital Media Lab by Joseph Tong
This is just a short video of where I have been working since my first semester at the University of Pennsylvania.

Misery - Extended Trailer (Recut) by Chadwick Prichard
This video aims to reproduce one of the most terrifying films based on a Stephen King novel as a romantic drama, and to experiment with how music choice can be used to affect the tone of a movie trailer.

Practicing Emotion from Jonathan Leung on Vimeo.

Practicing Emotion
by Jonathan Leung
I want to show that we as humans can control our emotional state with practice.

Queer Ears by Xeno Washburne
I hope to raise awareness of queer oppression, at the same time exploring the function of art as a mechanism of response to life and regarding queer poets as individuals in dialogue with others and with each other, rather than as a subjugated group in need of protection.

Rogue from Theodora Pajaczkowska on Vimeo.

Rogue by Theodora Pajaczkowska
I wanted to pay homage to my favorite film while also demonstrating the idea "we are our own worst enemy" in a fun way. This was no boat accident, everyone has a bit of predator and prey in them, and sometimes the predator gets you when you least expect it.

She's Funny That Way by Emily Brill
I'm trying to highlight everyday activities that are elevated by love in romantic movies from the time period between 1928 (the date of Neil Moret's orchestration She's Funny That Way) and 1978 (the date of the poem by Michael Lally She's Funny That Way from Penn Sound).

Stardust Mashup by Brennan Cusack
I juxtaposed the relationships of John Hughes characters with our natural and elemental connectivity.

The Baroness' Song by Nandini Chandrasekaran
Baroness Schraeder is too often forgotten, or unfairly remembered as a villain, a wedge, the evil stepmother, the "witch" of this classic children's film. I wanted to make a music video honoring her character's complexity and Parker's nuanced portrayal; letting Robyn and Whitney restore her subjectivity with the heartbreaking solo that she never got.

The Fall Of Super Humans from Tomas Likar on Vimeo.

The Fall Of Super Humans by Tomas Likar
This mashup explores the seemingly omnipotent physical capabilities and perfect lives of athletes, who are often glorified and turned into "super humans" by their fans. While athletes are demanded to perform herculean acts, they quickly fall from their fans' graces when the duplicity behind their super human personas are discovered. Merging footage of elite athletes' moment of grandeur with clandestine images of doping and malefaction, my work strives to examine the rise and fall of recent heroes such as Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius and Marion Jones.

The Legend of Nothing by Taylor McLendon
Alan Watts' speech on nothing changed my life. I want people to have something to watch when they listen to it.

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh from Caroline Yost on Vimeo.

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh by Caroline Yost
I used the video as an exploration of consciousness and comedy, imposing images reflecting my own day-to-day routine and stream of thought onto the fictional character of Winnie the Pooh. I want the mashup to intrigue and entertain, inspiring the audience's imagination.

Wait for me. I'd wait for you forever. by Karen Man
This video showcases the relationship between humans and domesticated dogs. The clips contain humans' portrayals of dogs under three general categories: the hero (e.g. search and rescue dogs, police dogs, military dogs), the ideal (dogs as portrayed in movies and media), and the abused (dogs as shown in animal shelters).
We thank all the contestants for their mashups! We are glad to announce that two of the twelve mashups - Queer Ears and She's Funny That Way - have used audio content from PennSound.